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Forensics report finds no traces of drugs in trainee 'A' for Park Si Hoo's sexual assault case


On the 25th, media outlet 'Sunday Seoul' reported an exclusive interview with 'B', a person said to be the best friend to trainee 'A' and was present on the night of Park Si Hoo sexual assault scandal.

In the interview, 'B' reported that Park Si Hoo and his hoobae had not had a sip of any of the alcohol, and had only told 'A' to drink. 'A' reportedly drank only one bottle of soju, and 'B' asserted that there was no way 'A' could get drunk from one bottle, and that there must be drugs involved because 'A' had felt different than usual. 'B' also reported that 'A' had sent a text message to her parents saying that she'd go home soon, but had lost consciousness in the car.

Also, 'B' reported that Park Si Hoo already had a condom on when 'A' opened her eyes in the morning, and his hoobae touched her while she was naked. However, these statements seem to be a little different from the previous reports by 'A', who claimed she had already been sexually assaulted when she woke up. 'B' also mentioned in the interview that Park Si Hoo had worn a mask from when he was coming out from the apartment, so he had been planning the assault from the beginning.

However, Park Si Hoo's side slammed the interview as being completely fabricated from 'A'. His new law firm said, "As you already know, Park Si Hoo's alcohol tolerance is very low. But on the day of the incident, Park Si Hoo drank about 10 shots of soju over the course of 3 hours. Therefore, the reports that he didn't drink anything are false." They also confirmed that Park Si Hoo always wears a mask coming in and out from the apartment so he wouldn't be recognized, and that this fact could be checked through the daily footage of CCTV.

Not only so, but the new law firm added, "'A' said that she had lost consciousness for about 13 hours when she went into Park Si Hoo'shouseand came back out during her investigation, but she seems to remember all the very minute details about Park Si Hoo that would be used against him that people wouldn't normally remember, so her account is not verybelievable. Her articles use terms such as that she felt fuzzy, insinuating as if the National Forensic Service's results had already come out that drugs had been used against her, so we very suspicious about her comments."

They added on, "'A' went home perfectly fine at around 2PM after the incident, and you can confirm this through CCTV footage. Not only so, but she texted Park Si Hoo's hoobae multiple times afterwards."

However, although there has been no official decisions made, it seems that the favor could be tipped for Park Si Hoo now, as test results from the National Forensics Service showed that no traces of any drugs were found in 'A'. Because 'A' had asserted that there was no way she could have gotten so drunk with just one bottle of soju, the investigators had taken samples of her hair, urine, and blood to be sent to the National Forensics Service to check for traces of any date-rape type drugs. All of her tests came out to be negative.

There is still a possibility that the drugs had been flushed out of her system by the time the tests were conducted. Forensic experts said, "If it had been less than 24 hours since the incident, the drugs will have most likely still remained in her system. However, after 24 hours, it is highly possible that the drugs would have dissociated in her system or have been flushed out."

Source(s): TV Report, Chosun.com, New Daily via Nate

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