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Brave Brothers' "You Got Some Nerve" called out for media play after release of 15+ version

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Brave Brothers' project "You Got Some Nerve" sparked interest from listeners for it featured a total of three idols, Junhyung, FeelDog, and LE, and also because it was apparently rated 19+.

However, to the disappointment of fans, the 15+ version was released in place, and fans were asked to take a listen again on the 25th when they release the 19+ version. As the notice about the sudden change to a 15+ version came in just right before the release through a press release sent out, Brave Entertainment has been called out for resorting to 'media play' and taking fans for a ride.

Until the abrupt notice, Brave Brothers had marketed from the start that the song was '19+', written in eye catching black and red in teasers, leading fans to assume that his next single will feature strong lyrics and a powerful sound. But the actual released song had beeps all throughout, and the agency had stated that the reason was because they had received "requests from the fans to release a public rated version."

When a media outlet contacted Brave Entertainment, the rep they spoke with said, "Even until early this morning, the CEO (Brave Brothers) wanted to release the song as it was. Because we had a wide range in age for the fans, we had no choice but to follow the decision of taking out curse words, made after a meeting, to edit the song ." When the rep was asked whether the song was ever sent for review to the 3 broadcast stations for its 19+ rating, he answered, "I can't say for sure because I am not in charge of that."

However, the media outlet contacted KBSMBC, and SBS, and found that the song had never actually been sent to be rated - meaning that the agency had only self-proclaimed the song to be 19+. SBS said, "We've never had the song 'You Got Some Nerve' for review at all." KBS' Korean Association of Phonogram Producers also confirmed that there was no review on the song. MBC reveals their judgement through a system, and the song was nowhere to be found on the system as well.

With this bit coming into light, the media outlet expressed, "This is the reason that we feel as if Brave Brothers' agency's attitude during their release process of 'You Got Some Nerve' was regretful and disappointing. Them talking about re-evaluation [of the song] even when they never requested for a review, and insisting that that the lyrics were edited for the sake of fans, cannot be interpreted any other way than using 'media play' and mocking fans. Like the lyrics, the people who should be calling out 'You Got Some Nerve' are the fans."

Source: Xports News

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