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Style Breakdown: FIESTAR's "We Don't Stop"

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FIESTAR made their first comeback with "We Don't Stop"!  They're sticking with their funky, colorful style for this video- let's take a look at what our girls are wearing!

We open to find FIESTAR wearing pink jumpsuits while they paint a building. Leader Jei personalizes the look with a pink, loose-fitting, cropped sweater. If you're going to try a sweater like this, remember to wear a tighter-fitting crop top or sports bra underneath, unless you want your bra showing! Most of the girls are wearing platform tennis shoes, which were the height of fashion when I was ten years old. I totally had a pair. Actually, I'm pretty sure I still have a pair. I wonder where I put them...

[Jei's shoes, Jeffrey Campbell, ~80 USD | Linzy's shoes, Jeffrey Campbell, ~60 USD]

If your hair's looking a little boring, sometimes switching the color of your hair tie or adding some colorful bobby pins can be just what you need to perk up your look!  Cao Lu and Jei take the hair ties to the next level with tightly-wrapped, colorful string, which helps manipulate their hair into interesting shapes.  Hyemi also takes her bobby pins to the extreme- those had to be a pain to take out!  Linzy keeps things simple with some curls and two spiked combs, while Yezi rocks her signature bangs and ponytail look. Cheska's bandana is a great way to keep those soft, baby hairs near your neck from escaping an updo.

Talk about some crazy clothes and accessories! Hyemi's leggings and Linzy's pants/apron are both from the brand KTZ, which we've seen members of Super Junior wearing a lot this year. Because the choreography is so athletic, you'll notice that the girls tend to stick to flat shoes or wedges for performances- some of the shorter members wear platforms or creepers to have the feel of a flat shoe while still getting a boost in height. FIESTAR's style is about color and craziness, but it's also about comfort.

[Linzy's pants, KTZ, ~540 USD] | [Hyemi's pants, KTZ, ~800 USD] | [Jei's sneakers, Anna Kastle, ~55 USD] | [Hyemi's sneakers, Isabel Marant, 755 USD, sold out]

If you're going to go all-out with your accessories, you might as well stick some flowers in your hair or wear a studded snapback, right?  I really like Linzy's manicure here.

The accessories in this video remind me of the styling in f(X)'s "Electric Shock", where everything looked like something you made in second-grade art class.  It's not the easiest style to pull off in real life, but it's a lot of fun for a music video.

Hyemi and Yezi hid in the back for most of this scene, so it was difficult to get good caps of them, but I still wanted to look at what they're doing. If you look closely, you'll notice that Hyemi's headband is actually a whole bunch of yellow bobby pins! Yezi's look has a lot of different colors in it, but it feels somewhat cohesive because each item has pink in it somewhere.

[Yezi's jacket, ~450 USD]

If I'm being honest, this set of costumes was my least favorite- it seemed like a lot of the clothes didn't fit, and I felt like they needed more impactful makeup with their cartoony wigs. I'm also not really a fan of heavy blush, which they're all wearing on the apples of their cheeks.

Even though I'm not a fan of these outfits, I do like Cheska's flower.

[not pictured: Cheska's shoes, Anna Kastle (select "Greys" for color), ~55 USD]

Here, FIESTAR went for metallic gold and silver with black. This is my favorite set of outfits. Jei and Hyemi especially got my attention in this sequence.  Hyemi and Yezi wore jewelry by Ambush, which is the company that recently partnered with G-Dragon on their "Screw It" collection, and whose designs were heavily featured in GD's video for "Crayon".

[Hyemi's choker - "Claw Choker" in Rainbow]

Our rappers were the only two to get decent close-ups in this scene. Both Yezi's belt and Cheska's choker have tiny padlock charms on them, like the lock you'd find on a diary. In the beginning of the video, when they're all wearing the pink jumpsuits, Hyemi wears a choker and Linzy wears a cuff bracelet from this line.

[Yezi's pendant- "Horn Necklace" in rainbow]

We're back to colors and patterns everywhere for the final dance sequence! Cheska's shirt reminds me of the Lazy Oaf Cop-a-Feel shirt we saw on Lim in Wonder Girls' "Like This" music video, and on Sandeul in B1A4's Japanese video for "Beautiful Target", which is currently sold out.

My favorite outfits in this video are Jei and Hyemi's black and gold costumes- which are your favorites?  What do you think of FIESTAR's new style?  Let us know in the comments!

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