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Super Junior members talk about Kyuhyun's previous accident on 'Radio Star'


The members of Super Junior remarked that they were more than grateful that Kyuhyun had completely recovered from his accident back in 2007.

On the September 12th broadcast of MBC's 'Radio Star', Siwon remarked, "Kyuhyun honestly almost died from the car accident. The doctor told us that there was no hope. It doesn't really seem real to me when I hear about people passing on, but this really hit home with me."

"It was such a relief when he was discharged from the hospital," Siwon continued. "But even after he came home, he wasn't completely healthy. I cried once when I saw him changing. I'm so glad he's healthier now."

The Super Junior members then reminisced of the accident and explained what had happened. Leeteuk began, "After our live radio recording, we got in the car to leave, but after teetering a few times on the Olympic Bridge, the van eventually flipped over. Myself and the people in the back saw what was happening. I grabbed onto my seat, but the car revolved so quickly and intensely that I hit my face against the window, and I passed out as I let out a shriek."

"Later I opened my eyes, and our manager who was driving blamed himself completely," Leeteuk continued. "He was on his knees on the road, screaming that he was going to commit suicide. I asked everyone if they were okay. Eunhyuk and Shindong said they were okay, but Kyuhyun was nowhere to be found."

Eunhyuk continued saying, "Kyuhyun was about 20~30 meters away. His clothes were all torn, and he was unconscious. We were so shocked that we tried to wake him up, but he kept speaking nonsense. There were people passing by, so we asked them to call an ambulance."

Thinking back to his accident, Kyuhyun said, "I lost my memory for a moment. I woke up, and I was lying on the road. I felt like the bottom half of me was missing. I thought, 'this is how I die,' and I prayed, asking for forgiveness. Eunhyuk ran over and prayed with me with tears in his eyes. I thought I was on my knees, but I wasn't."

"I woke again, and I was at the hospital," Kyuhyun said. "I asked how long I had been there, and they told me it had been four days. I was unable to participate in any activities for 4~5 months."

An emotional Eunhyuk then added, "When Kyuhyun returned to the dorms, I embraced him with tears in my eyes. I realized how precious our members really are."

Source & Image: Newsen via Nate

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