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SECRET's Hyosung reveals her flat feet on 'Beatles Code 2'


On the September 24th episode of 'Beatles Code 2', SECRET's Hyosung revealed her flat feet in public for the first time.

Hyosung recently fell down the stairs and sustained serious leg injuries during SECRET's promotions of "Love Is Move", leading MC Tak Jae Hoon to ask her: "It's not like you're trying to do body gags, so why do you fall so much?" Hyosung honestly replied, "Because I have flat feet."

She then reluctantly decided to show everyone her flat feet, commenting, "I'm wondering if it's okay for a girl group member to do this," to which Tak Jae Hoon replied, "Do girl group members not have feet?" He then checked her feet and confirmed they were indeed flat.

Hyosung went on, "Because I have flat feet, if I wear heels for a long time, it really hurts." Yoo Sang Moo then joked, "I think your feet are the prettiest part of your entire body."

In other news, parody group UV also appeared on the same episode. SECRET recently made a comeback after one year with their newest single "Poison".

Source: TV Report via Daum

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