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KOCSC calls for stricter regulations on slang use, idol outfits, and suggestive choreography


The Korea Communications Standards Commission (KOCSC) revealed through their official homepage their plans of making changes to the regulations on minor idols and issues concerning excessive exposure and sexually suggestive performances, as well as the use of slang in media.

The revision states, "Broadcasts must refrain from allowing children and teens to appear on shows wearing outfits that show excessive skin and from showing scenes that are overly sexually suggestive."

They also called for programs that feature children and teens to refrain from using slang and other popular internet and text lingo.

Recent controversies like KBS's drama 'Nice Guy' changing the title to the correct spelling (Cha-kan Namja -> Chak-han Namja) along with idol groups showing excessive skin and performing sexually suggestive moves are said to be some of the reasons behind the latest revision suggestions.

The KOCSC commented, "Broadcast networks have been criticized for their need to change the content of their shows to better protect children and promote the proper use of language. We thought it necessary to enforce stricter regulations on broadcast programs that commercialize sex and promote programs that impede on the growth of children."

KOCSC is currently collecting input from the general public as well as industry officials to determine what the next steps should be if these regulations are passed and confirmed.

Any program that fails to follow the new regulations will be given, in order, a 'warning', a 'caution', a complete 'halt' of the program, and finally 'disciplinary action' against the officials involved with the show.

The KOCSC is perhaps best known for their involvement with HyunA's "Bubble Pop" promotions last year, where they caused a bout of controversy for not criticizing the fact that HyunA herself was a minor, but that her dance moves were too sexually suggestive to be seen by teens on TV.

Source + Photos: CBS via Naver

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