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Stellar says, "Don't get us confused, we are Stellar!"


Four-member girl group Stellar, who debuted back in August under the production of Shinhwa's Eric, recently sat down for an interview with E-Daily to talk about their "UFO" comeback.

Their promotions have overlapped with Chocolat's, leading many to confuse the two groups due to their similarities. The girls returned recently with their new single, "UFO", as well as with two new members in tow. Unfortunately, by their comeback, they were not only up against Chocolat, but also Hyori's junior girl group, Spica. "Don't get us confused, we are Stellar!" they began.

The girls stated, "We realized just how hard it is to get your name out there. Lately, there have been a lot more people that recognize us. We're going to have to definitely get ourselves known in the music industry."

Stellar has been nicknamed for their cute smiles as well as their optimism. It was their smiles that got them through a recent bout of controversy surrounding their underpants being exposed due to their short skirts.

Fortunately for the group, the two new members also blended in naturally, and together with the senior members, the group was able to combine their talents for the advancement of the team.

Hyoeun and Minhee stated, "We were worried about people saying we didn't match the group when we were first added, but the reactions have been positive. We've gotten used to performing now so people have been saying that our facial expressions seem more natural."

Stellar concluded, "During our debut, we showed a unique image for the public to notice us so I think that steered us away from expressing our own color. People think that 'UFO' is a lot more easy to watch and listen to compared to the convoluted 'Rocket Girl'. We're ready to show more new and different images in the future."

Source + Photos: E-Daily via Naver

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