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Posted by AKP STAFF Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Shinhwa's Eric terminates his Twitter account


We're sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but we've got an unfortunate announcement for all theShinhwa fans out there. On September 19th, Shinhwa's Eric stunned fans by shuttingdown his Twitter account. To explain his reasons, he's left the following message:

"I've decided to close down my Twitter account. It's a shame because I had so much fun interacting with my followers and thus, made new friends in the process. In fact, I've been communicating with my fans more than I have with my fellow Shinhwa members. This news could be pleasing to some, but I know that some will find this unfortunate. I deeply apologize to those who will miss our experience. Just like how I've closed down 'Good Diaries', I'm shutting down Twitter as well due to negative feedback and concerns. I am going to miss this site very much, as it was the only gateway for me to communicate with my fans. I shortly forgot that I'm suppose to be a good role model to my followers, but the joy of communicating with others like a normal person led me to forget that role. Anyway, it's been a joy sharing my troubles and good news with my followers... just like friends. Just like how I came back after quitting Good Diaries, I hope I can return to my fans again in the future with a different source~ Sulhwa, Mira, SeYung, Hwi Jin, Min Kyung, Oboe, Hana, Miso Gongju(smiling princess), Seung Hye, and to the rest of my followers....I had so much fun, take care! ^_^. Good Bye."
We're sure Eric misses his fans already, and we know we're already missing the 4D-ness of his hilarious selcas. Let's keep our fingers crossed for a Twitter comeback in the near future! Source + Photos: Eric's Twitter

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