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Posted by 2 pts Thursday, August 4, 2011

KARA set to surpass BoA in Japan


KARA's growing potential seems to be ready to take down BoA's stronghold in Japan. According to a August 1st sales report from a Japanese record association, KARA recorded more than 3.2 million digital sales. Having debuted last August, they have set these numbers with just 3 songs, "Mister", "Jumping", and "Jet Coaster Love". The current Korean record holder for digital record sales is BoA with 3.65 million sales, she achieved this with 7 songs over a 11 year span. But as KARA seems ready to overtake with the release of their 4th single, "Go Go Summer!" on June 29th,anxious watchers are just waiting for the numbers to climb. "Go Go Summer!' swept Japan's biggest music website,Recochoku's monthly chart of July, as well as topping 4 other charts in 'Ringtone', 'Full Version Ringtones', 'Video Clip', and 'Callback Tone'. It also took 2nd place on the 'Waiting Call Tone', as they basically took over every chart of the month. The results are the same on other charts such as Mora, Musico, Music Japan, and other major record charts. When "Go Go Summer!"'s sales records in July are added to the total tally in August, it may very well break the record. Other records worthy of mention include 1.65 million sales with 4 songs by SNSD, followed by 1.55 million with 5 songs by TVXQ. An entertainment industry representative stated, "Unlike album sales, music sales charts are more accurate in measuring the public popularity. This record shows that Korean girl groups, including KARA, and K-pop as a whole are all receiving much love from Japan's younger population". Source: Hankooki via Nate

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Saturday, March 28, 2020

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