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Lee Seung Gi will not be leaving "1 Night 2 Days", agency shares official statement

With rumors flying high about�Lee Seung Gi's supposed withdrawal from KBS's "1 Night 2 Days", the singer finally spoke up on the issue and made an official statement through his agency, Hook Entertainment, on February 15th. The press report stated,

"This is Lee Seung Gi's agency, Hook Entertainment. Our agency would like to make an official statement regarding the rumors surrounding Lee Seung Gi dropping out of KBS's weekend variety show, '1 Night 2 Days'. Lee Seung Gi first joined the cast on November of 2007, and for three years and four months, has done his absolute best for the program he loves.�Even at the height of his fame (where he earned the nickname '70% viewer ratings' through his drama, "Shining Inheritance"), Lee Seung Gi continued making impressive improvements as the maknae of '1 Night 2 Days' and is now being much loved as one of the best entertainers thanks to his talents in a variety of areas. Despite having to stay up all night for his two drama filmings, he made sure that his performance did not get in the way for both '1 Night 2 Days' and 'Strong Heart.'�As he is a singer, a drama actor, and a variety star, there were times when schedules inevitably overlapped, and (we admit) when his stamina and condition wasn't up for the task. Others may say that it was out of his own greed that such a situation occurred, but since all three were areas that he worked especially hard in ever since his debut, he did not want to treat any one less important than the other.�He knew that it was his work ethic which allowed him to earn the public's love, and that is what made him work that much harder. - Our agency no longer wanted Lee Seung Gi to handle such a strict and excessive schedule and so we went into discussions with the producers of '1 Night 2 Days' over his future activities, as well as his schedule. All of us came together for his growth and future, and with the understanding that it was now time for him to embark on a new challenge. During these discussions, Kim C and MC Mong left the program, which led to another difficult time for the castmates and the producers.�The five members came together to overcome the hardships and ensure that the program maintained its position as the #1 variety show. Once the program regained its footing and another member was added, we intended to pick up plans for Lee Seung Gi's departure. Unfortunately, reports were made that Lee Seung Gi would be leaving the program immediately; that is not the truth. There was one thing that the producers and our agency failed to notice, and that was Lee Seung Gi's own thoughts on his three year long career as a member of '1 Night 2 Days.' Lee Seung Gi has declared that until he reaches the day when he can no longer appear on broadcast because of his military duties, he would like to remain with his '1 Night 2 Days' brothers, producers, and viewers. We have realized that Lee Seung Gi's thoughts and the delivery of those thoughts are of the utmost importance, so we agreed with his position on '1 Night 2 Days' and respect his opinion. - There have been many distorted reports falsifying Lee Seung Gi's thoughts, and our agency was not able to make an official statement because we ourselves were suspicious over whether we truly knew what Lee Seung Gi wanted and thought. We would like to apologize for this. We would like to also apologize for worrying and causing the public concern because of these various rumors, and for being unable to properly converge the thoughts of the celebrities under our agency. Our agency will work harder for Lee Seung Gi's growth and future, and he, too, will repay the public by working his absolute best as the maknae member of "1 Night 2 Days." Thank you to all of the producers and viewers who believed and supported in Lee Seung Gi as a member of '1 Night 2 Days' until the end."
Regarding his participation in "Strong Heart," producers of the show revealed, "Lee Seung Gi will be taking part in the scheduled recordings for February 17th and 24th.�The recording for the first week of March was rescheduled under his discretion." They continued, "There were some rumors about his leave, but he will be taking part as the 'Strong Heart' MC until any final decisions are made." Representatives of Lee Seung Gi further revealed, "We have not made a 100% final decision on his leave from the show, please wait a bit more." Source: Star News #1, #2, #3 via Nate, E Daily via Daum

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