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Kang Ji Young's father explains Han Seungyeon's father's controversial remarks


Kang Ji Young's father recently came forward to clarify the controversial remarks made by Han Seungyeon's father during a recent Japanese interview. On February 17th, Kang Ji Young's father made an appearance on SBS's "One Night of TV Entertainment" and stated, "The "leader" Han Seungyeon's father referred to on a Japanese broadcast was not Park Gyuri." To recap, Han Seungyeon's father said the following during the February 15th broadcast of Fuji TV's "Super News":"They needed to do this and that and make suggestions on correcting things, but I think the leader failed in their responsibility on that part. This was all caused by bad communication." Kang Ji Young's father clarified, "The leader he was referring to was the agency's representative, not Park Gyuri. It looked like Seungyeon's father had his head down and was drained of energy, and said things in a wrong way." Meanwhile, Kang Ji Young's father also confessed that he would like for the three members to receive separate management. During the interview, her father stated, "I want the three members to be managed separately. It's because I'm worried for the kids. Would the agency still take care of them well after getting sued? I think they'll show contempt." With regards to the lawsuit, Kang Ji Young's father said they're already suffering the "consequences", "If they adhered to the original contract, this lawsuit would not be happening." Source: Newsen #1, #2 via Nate

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