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GD&TOP's "Knock Out" banned on KBS, MBC, & SBS


GD&TOP's third title track, "Knock Out", has been banned from all three public broadcasting networks. KBS, MBC, and SBS stated that the reason for the ban was because the title and lyrics used slang, which they believed would damage the national psyche. The song itself has been popular on music charts, and news of the song's ban quickly became a controversy amongst fans and netizens alike. The majority are of the belief that the ban is "ridiculous and out of line." One netizen commented, "TV dramas are allowed to show adultery, violence, swears, and even sexual abuse. I cannot understand why they would say that the expressions used in 'Knock Out' is a problem." Representatives of YG Entertainment commented, "The song has already been released to the public, and we cannot edit the title or the song just because the public broadcast networks ban it. We won't be editing anything that damages the original meaning of the song." G-Dragon had previously revealed that he drew inspiration for the song's Korean title, 'Bbeokigayo,' from theMBC drama, "My Name is Kim Sam Soon", since it was an expression used by the leading character. GD&TOP has decided to jump over their triple track promotion by promoting an additional two songs, making it a total of five tracks they will be promoting this cycle. Source + Photos: Osen via Daum == <"Knock Out" Lyrics> Knock out, it's a knock out, knock knock T.O.P Knock out, it's a knock out, knock knock knock knock When I see the two, I get knocked out Wait, my hands reach out, shall we go out? You're a knock out GD THIS IS DOUBLE DOUBLE DOUBLE DOUBLE COMBO DOUBLE DOUBLE DOUBLE COMBO THIS AIN'T BUBBLE BUBBLE BUBBLE BUBBLE GUM I'll chew you, spin spin together T.O.P Those ladies that are walking down the street And even all the guys are screaming out my name (TOP) My rap is Korea's favorite food, all the youths are copying me A motley, it's jumbled, but also sweet My two job adventure even broke colored lens glasses All the WANNA BE STARs that resemble me They try to chase and chase after me but I'm a MOVIE STAR I may like toys more than girls, but laugh at me you'll get hurt I GET MEANER, you're getting angry, aren't you I'm ORIGINAL Even the corner store coffee's name is T.O.P My black eyes shake that woman up My long eyelashes are born from natural freedom, different from disgusting SMOKY makeup GD G-Dragon has come by separating the clouds Fly super board, the Son Oh Gong on top of the BEAT My MIC is a baton, I'm Napoleon on stage HOMME WHEN YOU SEE MY SWAGG YOU SAID WANNA BE The second Kwon Jiyong BLING BLING BLING I can wear anything I want and it's a photoshoot You all know my name BRAVO MY LIFE YO! SEOUL TO TOKYO! Record it and Again they cal me Hong Gil Dong Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, I go through schedules all day But when it's night, I'M SO LONELY All my scandals, wait for me How can that oppa be hot? My dog Gaho is more popular, my gestures are like hypnosis This phone call is seducing you, my voice is like SWEET Medusa I was born with this impressive voice TOP & GD are like almond and chocolate D D D D Diplo and our combination An unrealistic fairy tale of your previous night

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