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CNN to hold exclusive interview with Kim Hyun Joong on the success of 'Playful Kiss'


With the ongoing release of special episodes for 'Playful Kiss' viaYoutube, the drama has been gaining worldwide attention even after the completion of the drama. American news channel CNN has picked up on the international sensation, and offered to conduct an exclusive review on its success. Main star Kim Hyun Joong will be interviewed for the special coverage, as well asGroup Eight Publisher Song Byung Joon, and Google Director Seo Hwang Wook. It was reported that the interviewer will be one of CNN's main anchors, Anna Coren, who will be asking Kim Hyun Joong about the success of 'Playful Kiss', as well as his thoughts on acting alongside female lead, Jung So Min. Additionally, Anna Coren will be asking producer Song Byung Joon about his secret know-hows for successful productions. She will also seek informed answers from the Google Director about the impact of the special web episodes. CNN became greatly interested in 'Playful Kiss', ever since the first Youtube special episode received over 520,000 views in just two days after its release. As of the 5th, the first special episode has received 768,591 views, while the 2nd episode recorded 438,178 hits - totaling to a whopping 1,756,175 views in such a short span of time. Even the comments replying to 'Playful Kiss' episodes alone reached over 3,400 posts. The comments aren't just made by Korean fans either, as there have been numerous contributions in English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and French. Youtube has been collaborating with subbing community Viikii in order to respond to the demand of international fans by subbing in various languages. Song Byung Joon stated, "We were able to realize through the comments and views of the special episodes that even content which is only aired in Korea gain an incredible amount of worldwide fans. It has been very helpful, being able to break the cultural barrier and communicate with, as well as listen to, the responses of our worldwide fans in real-time." Lee Wonji, the President of Google Korea, also expressed, "Youtube has become the #1 largest worldwide online video site where, for example, albums of famous Korean artists are revealed first. Many national broadcast producers have already gained interest in Youtube due to the success of 'Playful Kiss'. Since Youtube will always be open for use, we hope that more national producers take advantage of this global platform." The interview will take place at an undisclosed location in Seoul on November 7th. Stay tuned to allkpop for future updates! Source + Photo: Sports Today

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