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MC Mong indicted for draft dodging?

Rapper MC Mong has been going through some tough time lately, being accused of intentionally dodging military service. It appears that the authorities have finally decided to officially charge him. MBC radio news reported today at noon Korean time that MC Mong will be indicted without physical restraint by the Korean government. The rapper's management company has cut all of its contact lines with the media after the news has been released, further adding to the suspicions. Indicment without physical arrest means that MC Mong is under arrest and will be going through a trial to determine whether he really is guilty or not. However, he will not held in a cell due to his circumstances, such as low threat of running. He has been accused of intentionally removing all of his teeth but the front ones and canines, which would make him ineligible for full military service as a soldier if the lack of teeth was due to natural reasons. It is odd to see that the news came out at noon, considering the fact that MC Mong was still being investigated by officials in an inquiry. However, if the news wasn't true, then why has his company cut all contacts and gone silent, instead of explaining what is really going on? Only time will tell. Stay tuned to allkpop as the case progresses.

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