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Taecyeon sings a Love Song for Yoona on Family Outing 2

By    Sunday, June 6, 2010   19,129   0   0



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The couple game from the famous Xman variety show made a return on a recent episode of Family Outing 2. MCed by Ji Sang Ryul and Kim Won Hee, the Wonder Girls and Shin Bong Sun had to choose a partner from Jo Kwon, Heechul, Taecyeon, Yoon Sang Hyun and Jang Dong Min. The much-talked about Taecyeon and Yoona couple was undoubtedly the highlight. At the beginning where they made their first choice without doing anything, Taecyeon picked Yoobin over Yoona but the latter picked the former instead. When it was his turn, Taecyeon turned himself into "Rain" and did the famous sexy wave dance without his top from Love Song for Yoona. And while everyone was still recovering from their shock at that, Taecyeon whipped out a perfume present for Yoona, claiming it was for her Coming of Age day, leaving her touched. And of course not without being mushy, Taecyeon said to Yoona, "Your first and last Coming of Age Day, I hope to spend it with you." Yoona then did a sexy dance and Tell Me from the Wonder Girls, dancing towards Taecyeon's direction, seemingly hinting at something. By the end, Ji Sang Ryul noticed that Taecyeon's ears had turned red in excitement. When it came to the final selection, Sunye chose Taecyeon and when it was Yoona's turn to choose, she said, "Taecyeon, come here," to which he did as he bowed and said sorry to Sunye. He then followed up with a light hug with Yoona. The other couples were Sang Hyun - Yoobin, Jo Kwon - Hye Lim and Heechul - Sohee, although it didn't really mean anything at all, just for fun. Check out the clips starting with opening address and initial selection. Initial selection, performances include Jo Kwon's Vogue it Girl, Sunye's trot song, Heechul's piano and song performance, Sohee's Single Ladies dance. Yoon Sang Hyun's Baby Baby, Yoobin's Sexy Back, mass Sexy Back, Yeeun's Don't Cha. Final selection.

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