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Posted by Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lee Seung Gi and Kim Yu Na's Smile Boy rock version MV


Once the festival starts in June, the world is going to become immersed in a sea of red! The Fifa 2010 World Cup opens up once every four years, and it is no exception to leave out supportive songs! During the months of April through May, about 30 various World Cup songs became publicized. Idols and middle-aged artists alike merged together to pour out all of their support through these songs. Lee Seung Gi and Kim Yu Na's Smile Boy is an example of just one of the many World Cup songs. The duo released an earlier CF version of the track last week and return with an updated rock version of the same song. A representative from KB Banking Group, the company that made this song, stated that the lyrics portray, "The Korea National Team's dedication and spirit. We think that the lyrics sound affirmative due to our attempts in trying to send a supportive message through the song." As you can hear in the song, the message of "I have an everlasting dream" and "Try your best and you will be able to do it" prove that the lyrics have a cheery tone to them. Take a listen to the rock version of Smile Boy below. With a catchy beat and cute melody, the song definitely sends out all the love and support for the National Korean Team. Fighting!

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