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Unique maknae idol rules


One netizen uploaded an ordering of SNSD members according to categories such as singing abilities, skin tone, height, popularity, etc which SNSD chuckled at because it turned out to not be too accurate. In this ordering, Seohyun was picked as the member that is a "hidden jewel." So let's check out all of the hidden jewels, or the maknaes, of the idol groups to get to know them a little better. Rule #1: If the maknae is popular, everyone is popular. Usually, the leaders of idol groups gain popularity first. The companies try to get the leaders' faces known. That is why when the maknae receives recognition, you know the group is a success. H.O.T used this tactic to get their maknae Lee Jae Won known for his dancing and they became the nation's idol group. All the companies have also been sending the maknaes out for variety programs. SNSD's Seohyun showed off her variety program skills for the first time on We Got Married. It was as if SM Entertainment unleashed their hidden card. The maknaes also start to get lots of CF deals after gaining popularity. Rule #2: The maknaes lead the group. In the beginning of the 2000's, the leaders led the groups. I mean, isn't that what they're supposed to do? However, nowadays, the maknaes lead the groups, at least in terms of popularity. This is very true for U-Kiss's Dongho. Dongho is just 15-years-old in American age and yet, he's a regular on multiple variety shows. He's making a name for himself everywhere, especially on Invincible Baseball Team. Also, T-ara's maknae Jiyeon has been becoming quite popular with her acting roles. Her role in God of Study has proved her acting skills and popularity. She's also going to star in an upcoming horror movie, Death Bell 2. Rule #3: They sacrifice for their hyungs/unnies. They all seem to share this rule in common: they do labor for their team. When the delivery food comes, they lay out the newspaper, open the food and clean up afterwards. Even though they are celebs, this is the polite thing to do. It doesn't really make sense to me that they have to do this since everyone should clean up for themselves, right? In a typical dorm, the maknaes share rooms with the other members. For KARA, the three youngest members share a smaller room than the two big unnies. CNBLUE is also moving in together and the two youngest members, Kang Min Hyuk and Lee Jung Shin, will share a room. They always give up the bathroom for the hyungs when they get ready in the morning. Chansung of 2PM is the one to always clean-up after his hyungs. He recycles and cleans up after a meal. BEAST's maknae Dongwoon plays the role of a mood lightener. When his hyungs are down, he shows off his talent and makes them happier. Doojoon said, "He's afraid of the camera so he still doesn't show off his skills in front of the camera but he is almost as crazy as Jo Kwon." Rule #4: They take care of their skin and looks. Since they are young, they need pure white skin. Korea makes a big deal about non-wrinkly and blemished skin so they especially expect the youngest of idol groups to have the best skin. Therefore, the maknaes spend the most time in front of a mirror. One idol group's manager said, "When you pick maknae members, you look at their skin and looks right after their skills. If they have a clean face, they have a better chance of joining the team." They try to pick the ones that don't need a makeover so that they don't have to go through plastic surgery rumors at a young age. Brown Eyed Girls' Ga-In has admitted to having plastic surgery but she is known for her unique eyeliner. 2NE1's maknae Minzy is known for looking much younger than others. Rule #5: They join the group last. The maknaes usually join the group last. This goes for 4minute's Sohyun and BEAST's Dongwoon. They were last-minute add-ins. Frequently, the maknaes are chosen after the members and the leader have been chosen. CNBLUE's Lee Jung Shin joined after his trainee years as the last member of the group. But these maknaes have less training than the other members so it's hard to catch up. 4minute's company Cube Entertainment's No Hyun Tae said, "It's hard to compete against the members that have so much talent as a maknae. The maknaes may speak less but their thoughts matter when there is a discussion." So there you go. Of course there are always exceptions to those rules above, but do you understand these cute maknaes a little better now?

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  8. T-ARA
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  14. SOHYUN
  15. MAKNAE
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