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2PM "Wild Bunny" Ep 1 [Updated with Subs]


The first episode of MNet's new show titled "Wild Bunny" featuring the boys of 2PM aired earlier today. Here was the original synopsis of the show from 2oneday: "Chansung is to have a love line with one of the high school girls on the sitcom while Junsu will play the role of someone who talks to objects. Junho is to appear also as someone who is passionate for dancing and has celebrity posters all over his room. Taec is to play a model who just came from America to Korea for some business. He apparently liked to party it up in America and I found his script on naver. The first scene starts off with him in the airport and he's wearing a suit. The weather gets to him and he starts speaking Konglish and takes off his suit jacket. He lands himself in a cafe and starts acting all smart with his English, asking the waitress if their ingredients are organic and stuff. When the waitress comes back with his order, he tilts his sunglasses down and winks at her. Unfortunately, she thinks he's creepy. But seeing her name as Eun Hee and not a waitress, I think she's bound to come back up during the sitcom. The girls that are appearing on the sitcom are the girl from Idol Army Episode 3 (the high school girls who had a show with Junjin as their dad)." However this has all changed, one of the members from 2PM said that their acting failed so much that they had to change the whole premise of the show into a simple reality program with various missions put in. The first episode featured a mission of the boys trying to sneak out of their apartment without telling the manager. They manage to steal the managers wallet and car keys, and head to various places (noraebang / karaoke). Here are some cuts from the episode below, once the full episode is subbed and uploaded, we'll update this post. Updated with subs by time2sub2: Dancing to 2NE1's "Fire" in the car: (cr - yanaftwtwo) Interview cut: Noraebang / Karaoke cut:

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