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Posted by Thursday, March 12, 2009

Uptown is Back with new faces


Remember the old school KPOP group Uptown? Well they're back but it's not the same Uptown that you remembered. No more Carlos, Steve, or Baby T (Tasha). The main singer Chris Jung remains but he's joined with two new members in Korean-American rappers: Maniac and Snacky Chan. I don't know much about Maniac but I do know that Chan is a talented rapper in his own right. They released their music video today titled "Black Knight" from their new album Vol.6 - New Era Date which also was released today. The song sounds like the old Uptown style, commercialized hip hop. I don't know if they'll be fully embraced in the motherland but I'm sure they'll have some dedicated followers. I didn't expect Chan to go to KPOP but hey, we all gotta eat. Video Credit: jaeurazn1mv Old School Uptown: Video Credit: ac346673

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