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Posted by AKP STAFF Thursday, February 26, 2009

Se7en is going back to Korea


Se7en is going back to Korea ... this fall, this according to an interview with Yonhap news and YG Entertainment CEO / Former Seo Taiji member Yang Hyun Suk. Before he returns to Korea, he'll finish up his activities in America and Japan. Se7en plans to release his debut song "Girls" on iTunes on March 10th. Then two to three months down the line they're planning to release a second single. Se7en will then go to Japan in the summer to have some activities in the Japanese market. Finally returning back to Korea in the Fall, after more than 2 years in America. YG CEO Yang Hyun Suk said this in the interview:

This isn't about album sales, more so about signaling Se7en's debut into the American market. We don't except our first single to enter the Billboard Charts or even receive a lot of sales, but that doesn't mean we haven't succeeded. We worked with famous musicians and producers such as Lil' Kim and DarkChild, that in itself is half-success. I had meetings with some industry contacts in America, such as officials at Interscope Records. Through these meetings I was able to have Lil Kim's participation. Another prominent US musician will be featured in Se7en's second single. We never anticipated Se7en's debut to take such a long time with so many delays. During the process, he was working hard learning English and constantly recording music. At the same time, we were still researching the American market for Asian artists. It's very difficult in America because there isn't any Musical Ranking Type shows like back in Korea. Even TRL on MTV is gone now, so that makes it difficult. Constant Radio play and Music Videos are most crucial in America, and MTV won't play just a random foreign singer with a different look, musical style, and someone who can't speak English properly. To have Se7en's MV play on TV and have his music play on local radio stations across the nation is the key. Another key is to change the focus / perception from being recognized as solely Korean / Asian to simply Artist. A person who has succeeded in this is actress Kim Yun-Jin. She's recognized as her character on Lost and not solely as an Asian. I said to Se7en that although he is a star back in Korea, he's a relative nobody over here. Pouring money into it doesn't guarantee that you'll succeed. You must work hard and make music that fits the taste of the American market. You must also have fluent English and present yourself in a way that'll attract an audience. Although money doesn't guarantee success, it does help. We need to receive capital and have deals in place with major record agencies. We would need them to help shoulder the marketing and promotional costs.
While I admire the effort, I think they're going about it the wrong way. Instead of a potential artist having to learn English, why not try to promote someone that's already fluent? Like David Choi for example, or even someone else in YG Entertainment such as Teddy or Danny (Taebin)? These people grew up and went to school here, so it'll be much less of a project than Se7en. Se7en might be a star in Korea, but like YG said himself. He needs to adapt and change for the American audience... well, these artists wouldn't have to.

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