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VIXX' Hyuk covers 'Call You Mine' by Jeff Bernat

We haven't heard from VIXX in a while, but it looks like Hyuk is making sure to keep fans happy with a cover of Jeff Bernat's "Call You Mine". A lot …

elliefilet   Wednesday, October 21, 2015   11,565   8,098   24


Nine Muses hold an intimate movie date with fans

The girls of Nine Muses had an intimate movie date with fans during their recent fan meeting, '1212 MINE Friday'.On December 15, Star Empire tweeted v…

mssylee   Tuesday, December 16, 2014   6,274   4,996   14


TAHITI releases MV teaser for 'Oppa, You're Mine'

Girl group TAHITI is finally back after a lengthy absence with a teaser for their upcoming 3rd single, 'Oppa, You're Mine'!Unfortunately, member Jungb…

mountainmadman   Sunday, June 8, 2014   8,704   1,310   14