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MONSTA X to promote as 6 due to Hyungwon's health issues

By elliefilet   16 days ago   60,012   12,304   0



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MONSTA X will be promoting with 6 members due to Hyungwon's sudden health issues. 

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It's been revealed he's suffering from the initial stages of cellulitis, a common and potentially serious bacterial skin infection. On July 7, Starship Entertainment told fans through MONSTA X' fan cafe, "During MONSTA X' time at 'Music Bank', Hyungwon discovered a small edema on his knee, and after being examined, it was discovered to be the beginning of cellulitis. As the doctor stated the bacteria would spread if Hyungwon doesn't receive adequate treatment, we're following his advice."

The label further stated Hyungwon would be resting and focusing on recovering. Hopefully, Hyungwon heals soon.

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SEVENTEEN_STAN_F 15 days ago

I was shocked when I read that...6 dorks aren't complete without the living meme...

teddysuu 15 days ago

At first I confused cellulitis with cellulite and I was like wtf but then I looked it up :'D I really wish Hyungwon a fast recovery and that his condition doesn't get any worse!

Luci94 teddysuu 14 days ago

Haha the same happened to me and I was super confused! I hope he gets better soon, poor sweety

Heart_to_Seoul 16 days ago

Great that they caught it when they did, hope he gets better soon! :(

aiquess 16 days ago

Honestly, if Starship had actually let Hyungwon rest back in Beautiful era like we had been trying to convey to them and maybe, oh you know, took care of said wound (I saw photos, it was visible and it wasn't covered up), this would have never happened. I sincerely hope he gets enough rest and recovers quickly, same with the other members. I really hope they get enough rest, they look extremely tired.

bangeryun94 aiquess 15 days ago

Do you know how he injured himself?

partyfan2013 16 days ago

Well, it is just that the group has suffered a little setback due to Hyungwon's cellulitis.  So therefore, of course the group is being forced to go on with their upcoming promotions as a temporary six member group until Hyungwon finally heals up.  And it's going to take some time for Hyungwon to get better once again from here on out and there's no telling on when he will be healthy again.  So therefore, all of the female Hyungwon stans out there should be understanding of this and just simply wish Hyungwon a speedy recovery from here on out.

changminbaby 16 days ago

get well soon

Hidden_KRD_Kiri 16 days ago

Cellulitis?! damn! I hope Hyungwon get the best treatment possible, no one wants to see this condition get worse. Mon bebe will be here for support! ^^

kpoplolita 16 days ago

how do u get cellulitis? was it an open wound left untreated?

bangeryun94 kpoplolita 15 days ago

Trauma to the skin, a deep cut, anything that would allow bacteria to enter and create an infection.

Chillz 16 days ago

I just read up on it and it says it's potentially life threatening if left untreated!! Please, I hope he gets all the treatment he needs and gets well.

JBanana Chillz 16 days ago

Well, technically ALL infections are potentially life threatening if untreated. Like for instance pneumonia. Don't you really worry. With normal antibiotics he wil be fine in no time! =)

ThsDee 16 days ago

Get well soon woonie 🙏

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