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MAMAMOO almost got into a car accident because of Lee Hyori's compliment?

By elliefilet   21 days ago   45,859   4,175   0



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MAMAMOO revealed they almost got into a car accident because of a compliment from Lee Hyori.

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On the July 5th broadcast of 'Kim Shin Young's Noon Song of Hope', MAMAMOO discussed how Lee Hyori said they were the hoobaes to watch, saying, "They have a spark that's natural and can't come from practice. They're overflowing with it."

MAMAMOO's Solar explained, "I saw the headline and screamed. Our manager unni who was driving almost got into an accident." Moon Byul added that everyone thought something was wrong because of Solar's scream, but all the members ended up screaming when they found out what Lee Hyori said.

  1. Lee Hyori

Mo0nlyte 20 days ago

It's no surprise she likes MAMAMOO since they have a similar vibe and level of vocal talent as SPICA whom Hyori mentored.

BigBlueagain 20 days ago

Fangirls! LOL

pink_oracle 20 days ago

Hyori's like;

mind_blown 20 days ago

What Lee Hyori said was on point. They are very talented and you their spark is natural. Thats the 1st thing I've noticed when I saw them one of their live performances. They're having fun when their performing and thats makes the performance even more enjoyable and you cant fake that. Plus the fact that they dont take themselves too seriously (they're not scared of releasing funny songs) and that add to their charm. I stan this group so hard  and I hope future groups will follow their exemple.

jinssam 20 days ago

Theyre always so bright and full of energy, it so good to see. Their poor manager unni lol their energy can be overwhelming haha she was hilarious in their mafia game video :D

JohnF 20 days ago

Maybe Mamamoo will usher in an era where people have to be able to sing.

pink_oracle JohnF 20 days ago

Unlikely, have you seen how well Twice are doing?

makan JohnF 20 days ago

I don't see the need to bash other entertainers or fans. I LOVE Mamamoo, they have been one of my favorite groups (Along with EXID and Girl's Day) for years! But I still like other groups... even those who some say have no talent. Who will decide whether a group is talented enough?

JohnF makan 20 days ago

I know, I'm just teasing. My favorite group is GFriend, mostly for their personalities. What ultimately matters in music is the quality of the songs, and there are plenty of great songs that can be written that don't require huge vocal talent.

makan JohnF 20 days ago

I figured you might be teasing, and you do have a point. Honestly, I think Gfriend is the perfect example of a group that has it all. They seem to fit in the cute/idol personality of say Twice and they have vocal talent to hang with almost any other group. And they have a style and personality all their own.

emi_orihara 21 days ago

They are the girl group to watch right now. Their voices ad stage presence are on point! And their talent is undeniable. Moonbyul, Solar, Wheein and Whasa are wonderful and superfun. lets hope Moomos grow stronger and larger.

hanalala707 emi_orihara 21 days ago

Yeah, but their attitude is kinda rude

kingdavid hanalala707 20 days ago

How so? I've been watching them for the longest time and they're no where close to being rude 🤣

Kurare emi_orihara 20 days ago

'right now'? those 4 had me at piano man in 2k14!

emi_orihara Kurare 20 days ago

I wish I had known them before but I only got into Kpop since october 2016. But they have definetely been a force to be reckoned with since they debuted. Mamamoo Fighting!!

makan Kurare 20 days ago

Yes, many of us have been fans for a long time. But I am very happy to see others now recognize Mamamoo. They are still growing and their talent is amazing!

tyger11 Kurare 20 days ago

Piano Man is my go-to song/MV to prove people have no idea how many musical genres k"pop" encompasses. I've blown more than a few minds with that MV.

Kurare emi_orihara 20 days ago

Well dayyyyum, welcome to da kpop world gee... you've got only about 20 years of catching up to do ^________^

emi_orihara Kurare 20 days ago

Yeah, I know. And allthe catching up is what made my 2017 so far pretty great XD

hanalala707 21 days ago

Don't get too hype, lee hyori was obviously stoned when she said that.

hanalala707 21 days ago

This racist group is so annoying and so extra...i wish that truely happen...ughhh annoying bitches

manupecks hanalala707 21 days ago

Lol, you need to get laid

hanalala707 manupecks 21 days ago


gfriendpop_trash hanalala707 21 days ago

that was too mean

hanalala707 gfriendpop_trash 21 days ago

They are mean to blacks

manupecks hanalala707 21 days ago

Are you sure they like to be called "black"?

yellowpopcorn11 hanalala707 21 days ago

Wishing death upon someone else doesnt make u a better human being than them. Grow up kid

Julia_Patricia hanalala707 21 days ago

if u hav nothing better to say just shut it.

ultwinnerstan hanalala707 20 days ago

so does that mean its ok for you to be a dick to everyone?

JungkookxYonghwa hanalala707 20 days ago

Just downvote and report this lame troll

yx hanalala707 20 days ago

Yeah just like how you are annoying and extra

krell ultwinnerstan 20 days ago

mesalina hanalala707 20 days ago

Hm first of all wishing for someone to get into a car accident is such disgusting, and plainly disturbing. And second of all, they aren't mean to black people, they were just too careless and took an impersonation way too far. But just like it happens in shows based on impersonating famous artists, if you watched "Tu cara me suena" on Spanish TV, they all do blackface whenever they have to impersonate a black singer, and they don't do it to be mean. So yeah, calm down.

jinssam hanalala707 20 days ago

Wishing death upon others is actually disgusting. You post on every single mamamoo article; get a damn life please. Spend your time supporting your groups, not hating others. Have you ever heard of karma?

ultwinnerstan krell 20 days ago


anonymous_pill hanalala707 20 days ago

Ugh I hate people like this who think they're doing some "amazing" contribution to society as "vigilantes" against racism while theyre only adding oil to a fire that burned out a LONG time ago... Can you stop bringing up a problem that was resolved with a formal apology? Why don't you go find some other excuse to hate on Mamamoo AND Lee Hyori, like based on their singing or performances. OH WAIT... you CAN'T because they're both KPOP QUEENS AND ARE TALENTED AF

hanalala707 anonymous_pill 20 days ago

Lea Sangola said talented is not enough, watch your attitude. They don't apologize for non celebrity selfie

anonymous_pill hanalala707 20 days ago

You're right, talent isn't enough and attitude is important. It's too bad you don't have either. And apologize for the non celebrity post? Why? Do you even know what Wheein meant by the post or are you just demanding an apology (which you will probably ignore) because you're jealous that you're a non celebrity? Wheein meant by the post to deliver the message that as a celebrity, she has to keep a proper attitude and can't reveal her funloving nature; her funny face let's her feel like an average person again, and expresses how she wants to be an average person sometimes. If you don't even know the meaning of the post, then gtfo and go read articles on Lea Sangola and not Mamamoo.

BigBlueagain hanalala707 20 days ago

Their attitude is amazingly entertaining. Yours is entertaining as well, but I'm twisted. I'm amused by repugnant trolls who are so pathetic that they have to beg for attention like this. ;)

manupecks hanalala707 20 days ago

You are SO dumb!

The End



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