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10 moments from 'The K2' that made you wish Ji Chang Wook was your man

By AllK_Maknae   Wednesday, November 16, 2016   88,849   18,801   10



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Whether you were a fan of 'The K2' or not, there is no denying that Ji Chang Wook is an absolute hottie than anyone would kill to have as their man!

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If you didn't see his recent drama you definitely missed out on some sexy, romantic and heartwarming scenes. But not to worry - I got you covered as we look back on 10 moments from 'The K2' when Ji Chang Wook had us all wishing he was our future hubby. 

The Umbrella Scene

That moment when Ji Chang Wook comes to Choi Yoo Jin's aid with umbrella in hand. Imagine his willingness to just soak in the rain just to keep you dry. *dies* 

 The Car Crash 

Ji Chang Wook is a total hunk as he lifts Choi Yoo Jin from a flaming car. I'd fall in love if a guy just handed me a cookie, let alone saving my life. 

The Kiss of Life

Girls' Generation's YoonA (Anna) is one lucky girl. I mean, she wasn't even drowning and got a resuscitation kiss. Totes jelly. 

The Blanketed Kiss

Not gunna lie, that kiss would've escalated quickly if I was under any blanket kissing the hotness that is Ji Chang Wook. 

The more than intense shower scene

Korea did not shy away from showing us just how hot Ji Chang Wook's body is. Although every fangirl's ovaries exploding during that episode, we all know it was simply done for the fight scene... right? 

A Dream Date In The Park  

When Ji Chang Wook dreams of going on the sweet picnic and feeding Anna a sandwich. Who wouldn't want to be feed from this handsome creature? Just remove that gross 'Subway' sandwich and it is heaven!

The Walkie Talkie Lovers

Everyone who saw 'The K2' will tell you that the walkie talkie scene was the cutest moment that would have any grown man giggling like a schoolgirl instantly! Just like Anna, I would sleep all cuddled up next to the walkie talkie, too. It is worth watching the whole scene! 

The Ramen Scene

Everyone loves a man who can cook, but Ji Chang Wook will prepare you ramen instead. 'Nuff said. What more do you need? 

Sharing Ice Cream

If ramen isn't your thing, don't worry - Ji Chang Wook will come happily serving you some ice-cream. Just make sure he knows whether or not you're allergic to strawberries - unless, you're trying to make the resuscitation kiss a reality? Are you?! 

Cutely Whispering 'I Love You'

Throughout 'The K2' Ji Chang Wook had such a rough exterior but those few flashback moments with Raniya showed off his really sensitive and cute side. I would love to be working and see my hubby Ji Chang Wook stop by just to cutely wiggle and say he loves me!

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    Ange_kpop Thursday, November 17, 2016

    OPPA Saranghae♥︎ I watched the drama in two days #addicted

     0Reply Report Share

    Leyzell Thursday, November 17, 2016

    HE always makes my heart skip a beat everytime he does these gentleman/manly things ASDFGHJKLASDF 😍

     0Reply Report Share

    rjohnsonangela (Banned) Thursday, November 17, 2016

    This comment has been removed due to violation of our TOS. (Reason: spammer)

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    Sexyelly00 Wednesday, November 16, 2016

    I like him so much!

     0Reply Report Share

    Tsabita_Reyna Wednesday, November 16, 2016

    Love how he acted like nervous or startled in front of Anna. Just like give a chance to women to looks more powerful than him. 😆

     0Reply Report Share

    LauraDragon Wednesday, November 16, 2016

    He is perfect <3 <3 <3

     0Reply Report Share

    JamlessCookies Wednesday, November 16, 2016

    I would say the first two scenes and the fighting in the men bath house/room were his best scenes in the entire drama

     0Reply Report Share

    HAWKEYE56 Wednesday, November 16, 2016

    This was a fantastic film that Hollywood can learn from.

     0Reply Report Share

    marisara24 Wednesday, November 16, 2016

    Ji Chang Wook is totally adorable! The ramen scene was cuteness overload from Yoona and Chang Wook, I laughed so much because they're perfect for this scene! Also the walkie talkie scene was so cute! The way Yoona said "Over" was too cute for words and the way he wanted to go inside but did not, totally cute!  I must say that Chang Wook is amazing! Those fighting scenes were so well done, he's very talented and you could see that he trained very hard to get those perfect fighting scenes!  Yoona was great too, there's a fine line between looking cute and looking stupid, specially with a character like Anna which was a young woman with a traumatic past and she made an adorable, gracious, fun and humble Anna that we fall in love with. Congratulations to the cast and production team for a work well done!

     0Reply Report Share

    waterkid95 Wednesday, November 16, 2016

    *dying* why is he so perfect????

     0Reply Report Share
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