[SPOILER] Which two contestants were eliminated on this week's 'Unpretty Rapstar 3'?

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Two additional contestants were eliminated on the September 2 airing of 'Unpretty Rapstar 3,' and the rappers fought fiercely for their survival. 

Janey and Grace were the first to participate in a death match, spitting verses to a beat each personally selected. Grace was the clear winner in this round, outshining Janey by a mile. Even when Janey stepped on stage to rap her lines, the other contestants all unanimously agreed, "I only had eyes for Grace." Ultimately, Janey was the first to be permanently eliminated from the program. 

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Following the death match, the remaining nine contestants got to enjoy some time off, enjoying each other's company at a nice vacation home. However, the vacation mood soon evaporated when MC Yang Dong Gun informed them that they will be conducting an interim voting round to determine the contenders for permanent elimination. The voting results revealed that Jeon So Yeon placed first while Ha Joo Yeon and Yuna Kim placed last, automatically slapping them with the permanent elimination nominee title. 

For the selection of rappers on the show's 5th and 6th tracks, singer/producer DEAN appeared as a special guest judge! DEAN provided some beats for the track mission, and everyone save for Ha Joo Yeon and Yuna Kim earned the opportunity to vie for the tracks. Jeon So Yeon, Miryo, and AshB opted for the 5th track while Yook Ji Dam, Grace, Giant Pink, and Nada opted for the 6th track. 

In the end, DEAN and Suran, who was also a guest judge, selected Miryo and Jeon So Yeon as the winners of the 5th track. Grace and Yook Ji Dam, who were both overflowing with confidence that they would win the 6th track, indeed ended up earning the track! 

Meanwhile, Ha Joo Yeon and Yuna Kim battled each other in another death match round. Ha Joo yeon performed a powerful stage to "I Work It Out" while Yuna Kim showcased a calmer yet emotive stage to "Denial." Once the death match was over, everyone's votes went to Yuna Kim, resulting in Ha Joo Yeon's drop from the show. 




    1. Miryo
    2. Janey
    3. Nada
    4. Yuna Kim (Euna Kim)
    5. Yook Ji Dam
    6. Ha Joo Yeon
    7. Unpretty Rapstar
    8. unpretty rapstar 3
    9. grace
    10. ashb
    11. giant pink

    anomynous Sunday, September 4, 2016

    first of all, miryo won track 5 against soyeon. and jidam won track 6 again grace...are you even watching the show or are you straight up trying to translate a korean article? p.s. track 6 shouldve been given to Grace. her rap fit much better with the song than Yuk Jidam's -.- Dean messed up haha

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    federick Sunday, September 4, 2016

    what a turn of events

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    missfox98 Saturday, September 3, 2016

    Mi' girl SoYeon making me proud <3

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