Former YG rapper Prhyme stirs controversy with his comments about the label

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Former YG rapper Prhyme's comments about Yang Hyun Suk and YG Entertainment have stirred up controversy. 

Back in 2002, Prhyme debuted under YG in the group Moogadang with 1TYM's Song Baek Kyung and SWI.T's Lee Eun Joo (currently well known as Yang Hyun Suk's wife). 

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Recently, Prhyme left a comment on SNS under an article about Yoo Byung Jae, who is currently a part of the YG family. Prhyme first wrote, "I would probably be in that position if I treated Yang Hyun Suk every night when he was out for drinks. I was so sick of that dark spot so I ran away after 6 years and chose to take the dirt road instead, but now I am happy." 

He soon deleted the comment as it started to go viral, but left another comment, stating, "First, I did not delete the comment because I am scared of malicious commenters or because it's not true. In fact, I will only write the truth."

Prhyme continued talking about his former YG days, and said, "We (Moogadang) were created to stall time before Big Bang, and also to serve as a gateway to Eun Joo's solo debut and Baek Kyung's producing. I started off knowing the team's true purpose, but whatever it was I was thankful and I too unexpectedly gained attention." 

He continued, "After I signed the contract, there were more calls for drinking than schedules. That worsened my health, making it difficult to enjoy a typical family dinner on the weekends. I didn't even drink that much back then so I was used as a driver when we drank with famous people or those in higher positions."

Prhyme added, "After my contract ended I was negatively affected. So I immediately gave up on trying to make appearances on broadcasts and that's why I started again from the bottom. I will do my best for those who listen to my voice." 

Currently, Prhyme's comments have all been deleted, but continue to gain attention throughout the web. 




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    KpopTrash94 Thursday, August 25, 2016

    I have nothing but respect for this Pryhme for saying what we've all be suspecting but no one has the guts to say about being signed to YG. Honestly, YG knows how to manipulate, and he'll use any strategy to make sure he gets the reception he's looking for, even if that means using people. People signed to him hardly release anything, and if they do it's the same few, plus why is it people keep getting signed and then locked in the trainee dungeon for years and years? It may seem easier to sign to a big label, but work from the bottom and let your own talents shine. Kudos to Prhyme.

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    Sunnn Thursday, August 25, 2016

    Ohhhhh wow. I feel really bad for him. It's pretty unfortunate artists and people in general have to resort to deleting comments to avoid damaging their careers even more. I wouldn't want to take it back if it was something I went through. I believe he's telling the truth.

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    smokeee Thursday, August 25, 2016

    its such a joke how YG stans are acting like they were never fans of YG and just the groups all of a sudden LMAO.  every non YG stan here knows nobody loves to brag about how great their agency and head are more than YG stans.  no stan in all of kpop loves and has bragged about their agency for the last 7 years more than YG stans, not even close.  even the cafeteria got soooo much stupid hype and all of the low IQ stans followed until a honest celeb said it wasnt all that.  i swear sooo many of you stans here just blatantly lie when its convenient.  if anything YG stans might not like all of the groups but they sure as hell have been kissing YHS and YG's overrated ass for a LONG time.

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    DZico smokeee Thursday, August 25, 2016

    and when they call him troll when he doesn't keep schedules or keep hiding his artists then media play them too much but in end they end up releasing shitty comebacks , or when bobby dissed his seniors they call it part of hip hop culture but when kemy dissed bom they all ganged on her and disliked all akro Mvs , YGstans specially Blackjacks and VIPs are so pathetic , double standards hypocrites .

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    smokeee DZico Thursday, August 25, 2016

    those are just fans mad temporarily at him for not pushing their favorite group ahead of others in the long YG line that moves like a turtle. don't mistake that with really hating YG. its absolutely ridiculous you all can sit here and pretend most YG stans hate YG LMAO. its the complete opposite of what we've seen on this site for years~

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