IOI/Gugudan's Kim Se Jung draws criticism with her mistakes for IOI promotions

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IOI/Gugudan's Kim Se Jung is drawing criticism due to her mistakes on IOI performances.

A frustrated and disappointed IOI fan uploaded gifs from a recent performance that IOI had on the 16th. The girls performed their version of "Hip". During a part of the choreography, Kim Se Jung has a solo while the girls on the right half of the stage. However, on the 16th, Kim Se Jung looked like she forgot the choreography, even bumping into Somi and pushing her to the center as if Somi had been the one making the error.

Original choreography:

Problematic stage:


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Not only so, Kim Se Jung forgot not only the hand motion, but the words to IOI's greeting. While DIA's Jung Chae Yeon also doesn't do the hand motion in the beginning, it was because she had to move her mic to the other hand. She can clearly be seen saying the words from the beginning, as well as doing the ending hand motion confidently while Kim Se Jung mumbles her words and her ending motion is sloppy.

It was also pointed out that she often messed up on choreography for IOI stages. It was also claimed that these were not Kim Se Jung's only mistakes but a very small fraction of many.

Fans had defended her by saying that she had a lot to memorize with but Gugudan and IOI promotions, but many others pointed out that Kang Mina was also part of Gugudan and didn't make the same mistakes. Jung Chae Yeon is also promoting as DIA but also mistake-free, and Yoo Yeon Jung is also preparing with Cosmic Girls and performing with IOI without any mistakes. Some acknowledged that Kim Se Jung usually had a difficult time with choreography, but that it was disappointing to see that she seemed to have forgotten the IOI greeting.

What do you think about these mistakes?




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officialsol Thursday, July 21, 2016

She s lacking

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neoncolors_0 Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Believe it or not, it takes a specific skill set to be a well-rounded idol (regardless of how hectic your schedule is, considering that's a component of being an idol). Unfortunately, she's still rough around the edges, and may forever be. Coordination, an affinity for music (singing, song-writing etc) isn't everyone's strong-suit, and that's why not everyone's an idol. It takes me 1 month (NOT EVEN KIDDING YOU) to learn a 30 sec dance routine. I may be passionate and whatnot about kpop, but is that really an area that I want to make career out of... is it fair to the people around me who I might be dragging down...?

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lolhaha Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Well it's hard to remember and practice so many different sets of dances, especially if it's not going to last. They obviously will care more about their "real" groups' promotions because IOI isn't a real group it's just a promotional stunt. On Happy Together Choi Yoo Jung said she always had mixed feelings about IOI because it's not permanent or real since they all break up after 1 year and most end up being trainees again. She cried saying she feared that people might forget her and that she is getting too old to become a trainee again.

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