EXO-M performs comeback track 'Overdose' on Chinese television!

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Although EXO's newest album has been delayed due to the ongoing Sewol ferry tragedy, that didn't stop the group's Chinese half, EXO-M, from making an explosive comeback in their home country with 'Overdose'!

The group performed the song for the first time earlier today on 'Global Chinese Music', wowing their legions of fans with their tight choreography and powerful vocals.

Meanwhile, the album release has been moved to a later date. "We ask for understanding from the fans who'd been awaiting the music as this decision resulted from our desire for the safe return of the passengers and condolences for the victims," SM Entertainment said. "We thank the fans for their great interest in new mini-album 'Overdose' and will later on announce the release date once it's been confirmed."

Check out the performance above!

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healing_unicorn Sunday, April 27, 2014

i ddnt knw where to even look because they were all so hot n amazing...Xuimin's hip thrusting was so fkin amazing....Lay my secci hubby was just so hot and his dancing was mother fkin sexy.....i really miss Exo n cant wait for them them to fully comeback...

#Pray4Korea #Exo my love ;

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juju_bb Thursday, April 24, 2014

The opening paragraph (or sentence) is plain stupid. Trying to make EXO-M look bad, huh?

Yes, music programs, reality shows, dramas etc haven't been aired because of the Sewol incident. But have idol groups, actors and actresses stopped working because of this? No. They are all still carrying on with their every day life. Just because TV stations aren't airing the drama, doesn't mean they've stopped filming the drama. Similarly, I'm pretty sure they're still recording shows or practicing for performances etc... its just not being aired yet.

So EXO M have carried on with their schedules as normal. And their performances have been aired and netizens are complaining that they're not in mourning or whatever. Why was their performance aired? BECAUSE THIS WAS IN CHINA!! China have sent their condolences to South Korea but the whole country aren't in mourning for this tragedy so everything is airing as normal. Which is why you see EXO M's performance.

Why do people never think before they comment...

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kulbir Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I'm not a big EXO fan, but Lay has always stood out for me. I always felt like he never got enough apotlight or attention. But he was AMAZING in this performance! He had so much energy and he is indeed one of the BEST dancers in exo. And so i am really glad that he has more face time here :)

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