4minute play the truth game while eating helium gas during their guerilla date

May 4, 2013 @ 8:19 pm
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4minute shared their honest feelings with each other in their chipmunk voices.

During their guerilla date on the May 4th installment of 'Entertainment Relay', 4minute got through the huge crowd that swarmed them and played a truth game while eating helium gas. HyunA started off the truth game by telling leader Jihyun, "Can you not go around wearing high heels so much when you're just around us? You're the tallest among us too." Jihyun explained, "I wear high heels often to make my legs look longer."

Next up was Jiyoon who said to Sohyun, "Stop saying that you're prettier in real life! You're not prettier in real life", teasing the maknae about her over-the-top confidence. Jiyoon also told Gayoon who has been receiving attention for her dramatic weight loss sharing, "Honestly, I'm afraid to stand next to you!" Sohyun chimed in, "Stop losing weight! I'm so sick and tired of it." Sohyun then apologized saying, "I love you", to which Gayoon fired back, "Stop laughing Sohyun ah."

The segment begins around the 40:10 mark below:

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