Which idol groups are the most popular by country?

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Fans all over the world voted for the most popular idols in their country.

CJ E&M ran a survey from December 11th to the 18th asking users to vote for their favorite idols. The survey received a total of 920,000 votes from 18 different countries including Japan, Russia, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, France, England, Germany, Spain, Poland, United States, Canada, Mexico, and Argentina.

In Japan, TVXQ was voted to be the most popular, receiving 40.8% of the votes. Following were f(x) with 12.1%, Girls' Generation with 10.7%, 2NE1 with 10.1%, and Ailee with 8.1%. TVXQ also ranked #1 in Russia.

In China, F.T. Island received 30% of the votes to rank #1, followed by INFINITE's Sunggyu with 26.5%, f(x) with 15.3%, Super Junior with 10.5%, and TVXQ with 4.7%. The pop rock band also ranked #1 in both Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Super Junior gained 27.1% of the votes in the United States to rank #1. f(x) followed with 11.5%, and F.T. Island with 10.9%. Super Junior proved their huge popularity as they ranked #1 in 10 other countries, including Australia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, England, France, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina. They had the most overall #1 rankings.

Big Bang's G-Dragon took #1 in Spain and Poland by himself, managing to beat out all the other groups in those respective countries.

Source: Korea Economy


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    1. tvxq
    2. super junior
    3. big bang
    4. japan
    5. g-dragon
    6. ft island
    7. thailand
    8. girls generation
    9. australia
    10. china
    11. taiwan
    12. spain
    13. mexico
    14. 2ne1
    15. france
    16. hong kong
    17. canada
    18. england
    19. russia
    20. fx
    21. united states
    22. argentina
    23. ailee
    24. infinite
    25. sunggyu
    26. germany
    27. brazil
    28. poland
    29. Saudi Arabia


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