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Kim Hyun Joong watches El Classico in Madrid

SS501's leader, Kim Hyun Joong recently headed to Spain for a photoshoot, although some were left disappointed when Barcelona instead of Madrid was hi…

   Tuesday, April 13, 2010   6,595   54,689   0


Kim Hyun Joong touches down in Barcelona

As you may recall, Kim Hyun Joong recently announced that he was heading to Spain for future studies. The education part of the announcement turned ou…

   Wednesday, April 7, 2010   6,213   0   0


Kim Hyun Joong is heading to Spain for...

...A photoshoot! SS501's leader, Kim Hyun Joong had pulled a April Fool's prank on unsuspecting fans last week, where he wrote on the fancafe that …

   Tuesday, April 6, 2010   8,077   0   0

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Exotic Go Ara in Spain

Go Ara did a photoshoot in Spain some time ago. I cannot believe with all the extra testosterone flowing around no one has posted about it yet. It wa…

   Tuesday, January 20, 2009   3,801   42   0