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KARA's Gyuri is proud that she looks like a celebrity

January 25, 2013 @ 5:35 pm
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KARA's Gyuri expressed pride in herself looking like a celebrity.

On January 24, she tweeted a photo that had been taken from the red carpet of the 'International Jewelry Tokyo' event, and wrote, "I look pretty much like a celebrity here..... hehehe. I'm proud! ( ฅ'ω'ฅ) But I'm sorry to the people who are working hard to be our bodyguards to the side ㅜㅜ".

In the photo, she wore tight silver dress that showed off her body line and legs, and paired them with pink high heels. She was smiling serenely as she walked calmly through a chaotic crowd, not a hair out of place.

Source: Gyuri's Twitter

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