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'Knee-Drop Guru' criticized on handling of interview with The Wachowskis

January 4, 2013 @ 4:08 pm
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This week's episode of Knee Drop Guru featured none other than the creative Wachowski siblings, famed for being the masterminds behind movies such as The Matrix franchise, V for Vendetta and more recently, Cloud Atlas. While the news of the pair's appearance had many film aficionados brimming with excitement, fans were left disappointed by the episode, criticizing the hosts' attitude towards their guest and the lack of substance in their interview questions.

While fans of the Wachowskis' work expected the interview to focus on topics pertaining to the pair's work, the interview, however, often opted to much more satirical tones.

One instance saw comedian Kim Young Chul asking the siblings a question on Asian motifs in their films. The question, however, was cut short as Kim had trouble articulating the question in English, jokingly ending the question by asking the pair "Can you speak Korean?" instead. Another instance saw Kang Ho Dong interrupting Lana Wachowski while answering a question on the differences between Western and Eastern culture, stating that "If your answers take too long, it's hard for the PD to put in subtitles." Yoo Sae Yoon also commented, stating that while Andy "provides [them] with short answers, [her] answers always end up taking time."

Fans were also dissatisfied with the MC's choice of questions, criticizing their decision on solely focusing on topics irrelevant to the Wachowski siblings' work. Much of the interview consisted on overtly personal matters such as Lana's plastic surgery, whether they know of any Korean films and directors, actress Bae Doona's English skills and even a question regarding whether they like Tom Hanks' office better than their own.

Source: Daum



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