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MBLAQ's Mir left facing a dangerous situation on the first episode of 'Laws of the Jungle 3'

December 29, 2012 @ 1:44 am
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As fans of MBLAQ know, Mir was recruited for the latest season of 'Laws of the Jungle' to test his skills as he faces the experiences of living without the comforts that we've come to expect.

The new season that began with its pilot episode that aired on the 28th showed the cast members coming together to make their journey to the Amazon.

Mir impressed viewers as he took a very active part in the journey, becoming Kim Byung Man, their leader's, right hand man at times, assisting him with various projects. However, at the end of the episode, Mir was swept up in a very dangerous situation that had the cast members panicking and the viewers glued to their seats.

In attempts at crossing the Amazon river, the Kim Byung Man tribe had set out to build themselves a raft-like structure that would help carry them across. As they crossed the river, Kim Byung Man and Mir came to the realization that the portion of the river they were crossing, was not deep at all, a level they could easily walk through.

To relay Kim Byung Man's message to the others waiting on shore, Mir wandered back a little as Kim Byung Man went on with the raft to call out to the other members. However, the water level suddenly rose and Mir, who had been standing in the water, found himself immersed in all the way up to his head and without the rope he had been holding on to previously for safety.

The episode came to an end with a preview of what is to come, showing Mir shedding tears as he remarked, "I've realized the dangers of the Jungle."

Stay tuned for next week's episode to see how Mir was able to escape the situation with the help of the other members.



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