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'The Romantic & Idol' bans manager access

November 6, 2012 @ 12:46 pm
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tvN's 'The Romantic & Idol' has decided to ban manager access.

Representatives of the upcoming reality show stated, "Because it's a 'real date story' program and we need to record idols on dates, we've made it so their managers and coordinators cannot interfere. [We're letting] the idols express their true feelings [without being concerned] because it's not like variety programs; it's a reality program."

It's reported that staff members on set were surprised by the idols' public displays of affection.

'The Romantic', which featured non-celebrity bachelors and bachelorettes previously, has decided to air a spin-off, 'The Romantic & Idol', for its third season. The eight idols to feature on the show-2PM's Jun.K, 4minute's Jihyun, MBLAQ's MirZE:A's HyungsikJJ Project's JBRainbow's Seung AhFIESTAR's Jei, and AOA's Hyejeong - wrapped up filming in October on Jeju Island.

The premiere of 'The Romantic & Idol' will air on November 11 at 8:50PM KST.

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