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Actor Lee Min Ho reveals his unique nickname

November 18, 2012 @ 6:36 pm
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Actor Lee Min Ho recently sat down with Star Life Style Magazine for a follow-up interview after his photo shoot. During the interview, the actor revealed his peculiar nickname.

In the past, Lee Min Ho has worked with many actresses older than him, in dramas such as 'Boys Before Flowers', 'Personal Taste', and 'Faith'. Because of his ability to work well with his elder actress sunbaes, Lee Min Ho had been given the nickname "Chemi-Shin" (Short for "Chemistry god", meaning he has good chemistry with his co-stars).

Regarding his nickname Lee Min Ho expressed, "At first, I didn't know what 'Chemi-Shin' meant. I put in an effort to be comfortable with my co-star so it isn't awkward. Although they're older than me, sometimes I call them just by their drama character's name as a joke."

After hearing the story behind Lee Min Ho's nickname, netizens responded, "Chemi-Shin is a unique nickname!", "Lee Min Ho really does work well with actresses older than him", and more.

Meanwhile, you can catch Lee Min Ho's full interview in the December issue of the magazine.

Source + Image(s): Korean Economy via Nate

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