B2ST members compete to see who has the smallest head

September 14, 2012 @ 9:07 pm
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Which B2ST member has the smallest head?

B2ST revealed their head size ranking on this weeks episode of MBC's 'All the K-pop'.

MC Boom entered the studio with a tape measurer to measure the members head sizes. B2ST members caused laughter by pushing each other to go first.

Yoseob, who is known for his face that is smaller than many ladies, recorded 54.4 cm for his head size. He flaunted his head size and gained the title of 'ultimate small head.' Meanwhile, Hyunseung seemed worried the whole time because of his voluminous hair style, but ended up in second place with the head size of 55.2 cm. Kikwang unexpectedly recorded the size of 56.8 cm because of his round back and forehead.  A strong candidate for the winner, Doojoon also recorded 56.8 cm.

The studio erupted in laughter when Boom tried to help his high school hoobae, Junhyung, by tightening the tape measurer as much as possible when Junhyung went against Dongwoon for the title of having the 'biggest head.'

Ultimately the winner of the smallest head was Yoseob with 54.4 cm.

Source & Image: Ilgan Sports via Naver

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