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Yuri of Girls' Generation voted as celebrity people most want to see in bikini

August 2, 2012 @ 7:56 am
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Girls' Generation member Yuri has been chosen as the female star people most want to see in a bikini.

A beachwear brand recently released a survey asking, "Which celebrity would look best in a bikini?"

1200 people participated in the survey, and in the end, Girls' Generation's Yuri got 364 votes (30.6%), taking the number one spot. Yuri appeared in the drama 'Fashion King', and some scenes at a gym are reported to have given viewers a glimpse of her great figure.

In 2nd place is actress Yoon Jin Yi who is starring in the SBS drama 'Gentlemen's Class'. She received 336 votes (28.3%) and was very close to taking the top spot from Yuri.

Third place went to Oh Yeon Seo, who stars in the KBS2 drama 'You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly', while 4th place went to freelance weather woman Park Eun Ji and 5th place to comedian Byun Suh Eun.

What is noticeable is that stand out sexy stars such as actress Kim Hye Soo and singer Lee Hyori did not rank in the top 5. A staff person at 'The Beach Shop' stated, "Instead of the women who have glamorous bodies and [are known to] look amazing in bikinis, now Yuri, Yoon Jin Yi, Park Eun Ji, and etc., who are relative rookies are gaining a lot of attention for their natural, sporty yet voluptuous bodies."

Source: MyDaily via Nate News



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