SBS News reveals CCTV footage of Nichkhun's car accident

July 25, 2012 @ 12:12 am
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Following the reports of 2PM member Nichkhun's unfortunate accident while under the influence, CCTV footage of the accident was aired via SBS news, giving people a glimpse into the situation.

The footage shows the motorcyclist riding through the street, when he is hit by Nichkhun's vehicle while going through an intersection. The reporter explains that the motorcyclist, who had been injured, was escorted by the fire fighters on the scene to the hospital.

The news segment also contains an audio clip from the motorcyclist who says that he has suffered injuries on his shoulder, leg(s), and ear(s).

Nichkhun was tested of having a BAC of .056%, the legal limit in South Korea is .05%.

JYP Entertainment has already released an official statement and apology regarding the matter, which can be read here.

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