Joowon and UEE reveal that they would date each other

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Fans of KBS 2TV's 'Ojakgyo Brothers' will be happy to hear that Joowon and UEE would date each other in real life.

In a recent episode of KBS's 'Happy Together 3', the couples from 'Ojakgyo Brothers' appeared as guests on the show.

During the show's 'O-X' talk session, Joowon and UEE both held up 'O' signs when they were asked, "If the person next to me asked to date (in real life), I'd be willing to do so", and "I think that we both match each other very well".

The couple continued to showcase their affection for one another after they got hit by a water gun, causing Joowon to pat dry UEE's face. MC Shin Bong Sun responded by swooning in jealousy.

Joowon explained, "It's like a job obligation that we have for each other". UEE continued, "It was the first time for me to film couple scenes for a drama, so while filming those scenes, emotions started to slowly build up. For example, there was a scene when oppa wore a suit, I realized how great guys looked while wearing a suit". She then added,  "But I'm an idol (so I can't date)".

MC Park Myung Soo nudged the two by asking, "When will you guys start dating?". MC Park Mi Sun added, "What happens after a drama ends is the most important part".

After watching this segment, netizens commented, "At this rate, won't the two date for real?" and "They do match each other very well".

Do you think Joowon and UEE should date in real life?


Source + Image: keongin


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