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Trouble Maker releases tracklist + teaser for their project album

November 26, 2011 @ 5:47 am
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Cube Entertainment's new project duo, Trouble Maker, has released the tracklist for their upcoming debut album! Trouble Maker is comprised of labelmates HyunA from 4minute and B2ST's Hyunseung (who'll be going by the moniker JS in this unit). The duo released a teaser through YouTube on November 25th, which also showcased the tracklist for their first album. The full album will be released on December 1st. In the meantime, check out the tracklist and teaser below. --- <<Tracklist>> 1.  Trouble Maker 2. 듣기 싫은 말 (The Words I Don't Want to Hear) 3. Time (feat. 라도) 4. 아무렇 (Amurut) --- ---- Tip: J0annaT

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