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[Giveaway] 'Wonderful' Wonder Girls autographed merchandise!

November 7, 2011 @ 6:22 pm
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The highly anticipated comeback of the Wonder Girls has been causing a whole lot of noise on allkpop. So, to add to the madness, we are giving away five autographed copies of their new album, "Wonder World", to our amazing fans! Adding to our 'wonderful' giveaway, we also have some special Wonder Girls merchandise for the winners. So, how can you win one of these wonderful prize packages? Its simple! All you have to do is... 1) Share this article on Facebook, Twitter, me2day, and/or Google+ 2) Leave a comment below on why you love the Wonder Girls and which song on their new album is your favorite! **Contest will end at 11:59 (EST) on November 14th**



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