Wardrobe Battle Royale: SNSD's Hyoyeon vs. KARA's Goo Hara

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With the recent release of SNSD's newest music video for "The Boys", sharp-eyed netizens have quickly noticed that Hyoyeon's shoulder cage worn in the video had previously been seen by KARA's Goo Hara for their "Lupin" promotions. The bronze shoulder cage is made by Korean designer Lie Sang Bong and is from his fall 2009 RTW collection. A few of the other SNSD ladies were also seen in the music video wearing clothes from Lie Sang Bong's various collections. Both ladies added the shoulder cage on top a black dress, which is great because I think it really looks best with a black ensemble, as shown on the runway. The bronze shoulder cage itself is amazingly beautiful and it certainly adds a lot of edginess to an outfit. Hara styled the bronze cage on top a simple black dress with leggings. She accessorized with a black hat, black gloves, and colorful heels. While the other members are donned in all black, Hara's outfit stands out with the help of the cage and her bright heels. Hyoyeon also layered the shoulder cage on top a black dress. She wears her hair up in a bun with a sparkly hair accessory and added black heels to complete the look. From afar, it seems like the cage is just an intricate pattern attached on the dress, don't you think? So who wore it better? I have to give this one to Hyoyeon! Both of them look great and very edgy, but I love Hyoyeon's overall outfit better. First of all, I love her hair! The hair color is refreshing and looks great on her. The loose bun also looks very elegant without being too formal. I also love her choice in shoes. Hara simply chose the wrong shoes for this outfit. The shoes don't really match with the bronze shoulder cage and they are too bright and out of place. Hyoyeon took the safer route by choosing a pair of black heels, however it matches the outfit and immediately attracts your eyes to the focus of the outfit, the cage itself. Who do you think wins this round of Wardrobe Battle Royale? Wardrobe Battle Royale: SNSD's Hyoyeon vs. KARA's Goo Hara Source + Photos: Swirls and Whirls, Lie Sang Bong, Red and Rosy


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