Lee Min Ho reveals he dated a college student for 6 months

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Actor Lee Min Ho, who recently concluded his popular drama 'City Hunter', shared a shocking confession about how he broke up with a college student last year. In a recent interview with Daily Sports, he revealed, "After I concluded filming for 'MBC's 'Personal Taste', I dated a woman who was a year younger than me and a student in college for six months." He elaborated, "After I finished shooting for 'Personal Taste', I had a lot of time. While I was eating one day, I saw a female college student. It had been a long time since I met a woman who was unrelated to the entertainment industry, which was nice. We didn't tell my agency and started to date. We dated secretly for six months, but we broke up because of personality differences." Since he's now wrapped up filming for 'City Hunter', the reporter asked Lee Min Ho about what he planned to do with his free time. Lee Min Ho replied, "I want to date. I ended a lot of relationships because of the excuse of not having enough time. Even though my close relationships with actors grew, I sometimes thought it would become an obstacle. Now, with whatever effort, I want to meet a new person. When I meet a good person, I want to hang out with her without letting anyone know". He also chose his ideal type to be Song Hye Kyo's character in the drama, 'Full House'. Lee Min Ho explained, "She is mentally mature and also has a bright female style, which is my ideal type. Although I look at appearances, I am not the type to focus on it like other people. The feeling is important. When I first meet that person, it's important for me to feel comfortable with that person. Even if I don't pay attention to it, I get attracted to people who I feel comfortable to." Lee Min Ho stated, "Women [I want to date] can be over 20, they seem mature in love. I think it's important to have a lot of experience in love to have a deep love. I want to meet a thoughtful woman who makes me feel happy just by looking at her." Lee Min Ho is currently in the midst of shooting for his 'Eider' endorsement with SNSD's YoonA. Source: JoonAng via Nate, Max Movie via Nate


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