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Han Hye Jin makes a sexy transformation for 'W'

August 27, 2011 @ 2:41 am
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Actress Han Hye Jin shocked fans with her perfect image transformation. The September issue of 'W' magazine exhibited how Han Hye Jin was able to pull off yet another transformation by showing off a strong image that differed greatly from her usual girlish one. For this pictorial, Han Hye Jin channelled the look of a vixen her sharp features and dramatic makeup. Her curvaceous figure was outlined sleekly, and she was able to grab the title of 'fashionista' with her mix-and-match styling. On set of the photoshoot, Han Hye Jin handled every situation with leadership, exhibiting assertive and bold poses. She threw her away the constraints of her typical image by engaging in skinskip with her male partner, Kim Tae Hyung. The results were sexy and mysterious, and it seemed as if Han Hye Jin was able to tell a story without sparing any words. Han Hye Jin is currently an MC for SBS's "Healing Camp", which is becoming quite popular with viewers thanks to her compassionate image. [gallery] Source + Photo: OSEN

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