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SISTAR19's Bora loses her 'Boyfriend' in Seorae Village

May 18, 2011 @ 6:48 am
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On May 17th, SISTAR19's Bora left an mysterious Twitter message that seemed to be foreshadow the debut of labelmate boy band, 'Boyfriend'. Attaching two pictures, she tweeted, "I lost my boyfriend in Seorae Village ㅜㅜ Please RT this infinitely!" Pictured is Boyfriend's twin member Kwangmin, who looks as if he's just jumped out of a sweet comic book with his handsome looks. Fans commented, "Bora's cute promotion", "I thought it was really her boyfriend for a second", and "He's such a flower boy!" Boyfriend is scheduled to debut on May 26th. Source + Photos: IS Sports via Naver

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