Actor Jun Tae Soo booked for assaulting a taxi driver and two policemen

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It was recently reported that actress Ha Ji Won's brother, actor Jun Tae Soo, was recently arrested and booked on physical assault charges. According to the Seoul Mapo Police, Jun Tae Soo was returning home from having drinks near Hongdae at midnight on January 29th, when an argument stirred between him and his taxi driver. In his drunk state, the actor lifted his leg up onto the driver's arm-rest, and when the driver told him to move it away, Jun Tae Soo became violent and kicked the driver twice in the shoulder. Not only this, Jun Tae Soo even acted violently towards two policemen who arrived at the scene. When they requested that he get out of the taxi, the actor cursed and kicked one of the policemen in the stomach and violently shoved him with his hand. Jun Tae Soo was subsequently taken to the Mapo police station after the incident, and on the afternoon of the 30th, he was indicted without physical detention and was sent back home. On January 30th, a representative of 'All My Love' sitcom, stated, "It's a bit disconcerting talking about this right now. We will need to find out more information, but we are all very shocked. We haven't discussed about his withdrawal or his future shooting schedule, but we will make a decision soon." As the younger brother of Ha Ji Won, Jun Tae Soo has always had quite a bit of popularity, and he received love from fans through 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal." He is currently shooting the SBS drama, 'It's Alright, Daddy's Daughter', and MBC's sitcom, 'All My Love'. Source: Kyunghang Newspaper via Daum Media (1), Daum Media (2)


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