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G-Dragon receives an expensive present from fans

February 16, 2010 @ 10:22 pm
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Big Bang's fashion leader G-Dragon recently received an expensive gift from fans that is currently becoming a hot topic online. In order to congratulate G-Dragon on his first solo debut, fans gave this idol a pair of Louis Vuitton sneakers as a present. Pictures of the Louis Vuitton sneakers are gaining interest among netizens as they commented, "It must be hard to even be a fan if you don't have the skills. This is a good present that compliments G-Dragon's fashion sense." According to a member of G-Dragon's fan site GDR, these sneakers are not available for custom order in regular stores. They can only be ordered in specialized stores, and even in those stores you need to be a privileged VIP LV member to order. Congratulations to G-Dragon for receiving such an awesome present and having a successful solo debut. I completely understand those fans' feelings because if I had the money and the skills, I would have done the same thing. He's skilled, uniquely honest, and overall hot. Need I say more?

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· Posted August 18, 2013 @ 12:06 pm

And now instead of accepting luxurious gifts he donates it for a good cause and double the amount! Proud fan here. am proud of the K-VIPS and dragons :) Happy26GDay to you

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