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Cast members of SBS's 'No Math School Trip' enjoy a real 'school trip' by turning off the cameras at night to have a whiskey party


On the March 16 broadcast of SBS's 'No Math School Trip', the cast members surprised the production crew with their rebellious(?) adventures at night.

On this episode, the cast members including Lee Yong Jin, Yang Se Chan, EXO's D.O, Zico, Crush, and Jannabi's Choi Jung Hoon arrived at their Hokkaido dorm, playing games to determine their roommates, and more. 

Then, after wrapping up the main part of filming for the evening, the cast members bid goodnight to the filming cameras set up around their dorm. The members announced, "We're going to bed now, goodnight," before shutting off most of the cameras.

One camera, which happened to be set up by the doorway, went missed. This camera then captured the cast members secretly gathering around for beers and whiskey, without informing the production crew!

Believing that all of the cameras were off, the cast members enjoyed their "whiskey party" while dancing, going out for air, having a heart-to-heart with one another, and more.

In the morning, production crew commented, "Well on a real school trip, you usually turn the lights off and drink secretly, away from the teachers' eyes." 

Did you tune in to this week's episode of SBS's 'No Math School Trip'?

  1. Zico
  2. Crush
  3. D.O.
  4. Jannabi
  5. Yang Se Chan
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10 days ago

This is so funny! But I'm honestly happy that the cast gets along with one another so well. This is how celebrities create bonds and friendships when you hear about them becoming close with someone they've "worked with".


I'm sure that constantly having to be infront of a camera and having someone watching your every move can take a toll on you, mentally. So, they deserved some relaxation, and a chance to be able to cut loose and really be themselves without having to stress about what the viewers are going to think ♡

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lovely-jubbly-1,024 pts 9 days ago 0
9 days ago

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