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Seventeen's Seungkwan leaves heartfelt message for fans with a cover of Taeyeon's 'Time Lapse' on his birthday


Seventeen's Seungkwan has shared a cover song on his birthday.

On January 16 KST, Seungkwan uploaded an audio-video of his special cover of Girls' Generation member Taeyeon's "Time Lapse." He shared it on his birthday with gratitude for his fans on a celebratory note.

Along with the video, Seungkwan wrote:

"Hello, this is Seungkwan. My first cover song of 2023 is Taeyeon sunbaenim's 'Time Lapse.'

I had been preparing for this cover ever since I sang (Taeyeon's) 'Drawing Our Moments.'

I had been pondering a lot how to sing Time Lapse for you all.

It was good to show myself singing (in a video), but I wanted Carats to feel all the emotions of the song while listening to it. So, I've decided to simply upload the audio so that you can concentrate on those aspects.

I was also able to time this for my birthday, so I am so excited and happy.

I listened to this song for the first time when I was twenty-years-old and have listened to it countless times since. I have many feelings associated with this song. Some days, I feel so overwhelmed when listening to it, and other times, the song helps me prepare myself to start something all over again.

That is why this song was exceptionally difficult for me. 

I want to become the kind of voice for you Carats, who allow me to feel so many emotions despite my singing abilities. 

I would be okay if this cover cheers you up but also doesn't, since it's okay to feel sad.

I will sing my heart out for you this year as well."

He also thanked the staff members, his fans, and the original singer of the song, Taeyeon.

Happy birthday to Seungkwan!

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Khrilizia713 pts 21 days ago 0
21 days ago

He really adores Taeyeon and respect her greatly as his senior. Maybe because they have the same type of voice. And Book Seungkwan's cover of Ty's songs... is there any word more powerful than beautiful to describe how melodius Seungkwan's singing to Ty's song?

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princesspop1,003 pts 21 days ago 0
21 days ago

Beautiful ༎ຶ⁠‿⁠༎ຶ༎ຶ⁠‿⁠༎ຶ༎ຶ⁠‿⁠༎ຶ༎ຶ⁠‿⁠༎ຶ🫶🏻❤️❤️❤️

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